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June 27, 2007

Como convertir archivos doc, xls, fotos a PDF via E mail

Enviando un mail a, con el archivo que queremos convertir a PDF adjunto, recibiremos en nuestro correo en unos minutos,  el archivo en formato PDF, sin necesidad de tener ningun programa instalado , solo se tiene que enviar el mail, y recibiremos el archivo convertido a PDF

Otra ventaja de esta aplicacion, es que si adjuntamos varios documentos, podremos obtener diferentes PDFs de cada documento, lo que nos ahorrara bastante tiempo.

June 9, 2007

Investments for Beginners

From the page

Could you please do an article on where to save? I have finally gotten my budget intact, and am saving up money with every single paycheck. The problem is, I don’t know where to put the savings because I’m planning to attend college full time next year. There are several different methods to save your money out there. I’m considering mutual funds, because they seem to pay off really well, but are there maybe some alternatives that I am missing out on??

Scott asks a good question. After you’ve begun to accumulate some savings, what do you do with them? Although there’s no one answer that’s perfect for every reader, we can work with some ideas that will simplify matters for you.

First, you need to do what Scott has done. That is to decide what you want to happen. And ‘making more money’ isn’t an acceptable answer. You need to have some idea when you could need the money back. If you’ll need it for college next year, you’re going to be limited to investments that make it certain that your money will be there when you want it. If, on the other hand, you’re saving for retirement fifteen years down the road you can afford to take a little risk that you might even lose money in some years.

Next, consider your ability to take risk. There are two components that determine how much risk you should assume. We just looked at one, how soon will you need the money. The more time you have before you expect to need the money, the greater the risk you can take. If you don’t need the money for ten years and your investment loses money one year but gains the other nine it’s not a big deal. If, however, you’ll need the money next year you don’t have that luxury.

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