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March 17, 2007

The Changing Face of Media

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  • The Changing Face of Media
    • Consumers are no longer getting their information from TV, newspaper, books and outdoor signage. Increasingly their news is coming from the internet. Some of this news is from the website of an established print newspaper, but blogs are slowly and surely building the trust of readers as credible.
    • Recognizing this, some newspapers are beginning to link to blog articles tracking back to the news article. (show examples)
    • Online, consumers still interpret information about your brand, so it’s important in this day in age to keep your web presence up to date and building your brand instead of taking away from your existing image. Consumers who already know your brand may think your site is more credible. You will be making a first impression on a lot of people.
    • Trends in social bookmarking are beginning to influence the popularity of topics, articles and companies
      • Definition and examples of social bookmarking
      • I was asked “how do you get your news?” Show the train I use to get news
      • In a way, this is the same as word-of-mouth popularizing a story
      • In addition to telling your story, the tone and information presentation, interestingness (define by flickr), and multimedia integration become important.
      • New ways to tell your story are becoming more common and easier to use: Images, video and flash presentations are the new way to attract attention and to get a powerful vehicle for your message
    • So, how do I use this to my advantage?
      • Get used to it. This is definitely the direction business, media, marketing and communication is moving. The time to learn is now.
      • Send out positive or humorous video messages
      • by promoting blogging, positive expressions of insiders may eventually outweigh negative expressions of the press.
      • Trying to control online communications is a futile attempt that will earn you no trust
      • Accept the fact that people are going to express their opinions whether they are positive or negative – be supportive of their chosen vehicle of expression and you will build more trust
      • Let go. Once your message is out in the sphere you can’t control it any more. Let people make fan movies, let people write awful reviews. Readers these days are more critical than ever. Your customers are defining your brand once it’s out there, accept that you no longer have control
      • Your customers will thank you for increased communications

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